Our History

Throughout more than 30-year-long experience in the field of trade in dental equipment, materials, and machinery for dental laboratories, BANKODENT has established a reliable reputation in the Arab World and the Middle East.

Excellence and dedication are the sources of Bankodent success.

Our main goal after adopting distinct innovations and advanced technologies, is to make them available to the end-users in a simple educational manner.

We have earned our customers’ trust through our commitment to:

  1. The right choices
  2. Honesty and credibility
  3. Providing the latest innovations and facilitating their use
  4. Offering training services
  5. Sincerity in after-sale services

BANKODENT has been the first-mover to make the following technologies available in the Middle Eastern market:

  • Light cure dental wax
  • Flexible dentures
  • Manual zirconia systems
  • CAD-CAM systems

Our present:

Due to our success in the previous years, we felt the need to get closer to the hub of Research and Development in the dental field. This proximity will allow us to expand globally in a more responsive way. Therefore, we have moved to Europe, the Netherlands particularly.

The main purposes of this move are:

  • To find distinct products that meet high quality standards;
  • To deepen our knowledge of the advanced dental technologies;
  • To fulfill our customers’ needs, based on the long experience in the market.



Why the Netherlands?

  • The Netherlands has an advantageous location within Europe. It has a strong position in dentistry and dental laboratories. As it a neighboring country of Germany and Belgium, and close to France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the Scandinavian countries. At the same time, the Netherlands is not very far away from our target market.
  • The Netherlands is the home of the best universities in the world and the most advanced R&D centers.
  • The Netherlands has the biggest river port in Europe, which simplifies export and import operations.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to keep spreading the knowledge and innovations in the medical industry generally, and the dental industry particularly. We aim to make these available to our customers and agents all over the world, based on scientific and educational basis rather than a commercial one.

Our Promise:

BANKODENT only cooperates with the best manufacturers in Europe that comply with the European quality standards. These manufacturers own the required certifications of FDA, ISO and CE.

Company Details

Address: Meidoornstraat 70, 2923 BH Krimpen aan den IJssel – Tel: +31 619 89 14 80 – Email: info@bankodent.nl – KVK 70067538 – BTW NL5235570296B01